The Southlands

The Southlands are the lands from which Humanity rose to its place of predominance on Lorn. They are a dusty, arid heartland, ancient and filled with dark secrets either hidden or lost as the passage of aeons has moved forever forward.

The political landscape of The Southlands can be described as wheels within wheels. Firstly come the city states; their allegiance long ago sundered, the cities that now bustle and teem with life are unique entities unto themselves. They constantly vie with one another for trade, resources and pride.

And within those cities, guilds move against each other. Noble houses against houses. Merchants against merchants, wizards and sorcerers fighting shadow wars. Conflict is rife, much of it open and observable, the worst of it tucked away in the shadows and hidden.

The City States

Freeport Once a symbol of freedom and strength, this city has fallen on hard times. A powerful knighthood once protected the city, but treason from within its ranks has splintered the city and it now lays on the brink of civil war.

The Southlands

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