The Creation Mythos

The World and Things In It

In the beginning there was naught but The Void. A realm of spirit and nothing else! And then, suddenly, in The Void, their came worlds upon worlds. And their names were spoke in reverent tones.

The Void was filled with the likes of Mythril, Thoura, Tera… and Lorn.

Admist The Void the spirits did traffic. And one stood out amongst the rest. For she was The Wyrm Queen. The first given flesh. The first to take form. And she did go amongst those worlds that had suddenly appeared, and the great dragon did leave her broods upon them. Blighting them.

Until the rise of strife and conflict came to The Void.

The other spirits, those who had not taken form, grew jealous and angry with The Wyrm Queen. Their growing jealousy filled The Void which was The Wyrm Queen had left. And as The Void was filled with jealousy, the coming conflict grew from it. As The Void chaffed and shook against the worlds upon which The Wyrm Queen had left her broods, the friction of that birthed Conflict.

The Wyrm Queen, when she took form, did not take a name. But when Conflict was spawned, spawned by the friction of The Void against the realms in it, it took a name. And that name was Rellium. And Rellium had one purpose. The destruction of The Wyrm Queen.

The First War

Rellium chased The Wyrm Queen across The Void, from one world to the next. The battles raged for aeons, stretching into a time before history.

Victory and defeat were tasted by both. And as Rellium was forced to fight The Wyrm Queen’s spawn, he too created life in his image. First came his sons; Dellium and Zhellium. And from them came the Greenskins. Dellium, being far more the brutal of the two, created the orcs, the ogres, and their brutal, chaotic kin. Zhellium was far more cunning, and he created the goblins, the hobgoblins, and the bug bears.

And so it was, the spawn of The Wyrm Queen, dragons, lizardmen, and other serpentine creatures battled against orcs and hobgoblins, ogres and goblins. From one world to the next, The First War raged.

Until, at last, Rellium and his lot cornered The Wyrm Queen and her spawn on Lorn.

Somewhere in the remote reaches of that fated world the two did battle. Long aeons had passed, their conflict filling The Void with hate and anger. And on Lorn, The First War did end.

It is said, somewhere in those lost reaches of Lorn, the remains of the great Rellium still rest. Laid low in the most titanic struggle to have ever occurred. For it was Lorn that would be his eternal resting place. And as for the fate of The Wyrm Queen, there is no knowing. For she had not been seen or heard from since.

The Birth of Man

With their father dead, The Wyrm Queen missing, and the wyrm spawn skulking off to the forgotten places of the world, the brothers Dellium and Zhellium fell to their natures and continued on in the image of their father.

The fought. Their lots fought as their creators did.

War continued on. And as it continued, a stalemate was born.

Dellium was the first to recognize the state of the conflict had ground to a halt and that neither side could gain the upper hand. Without some sort of change, no one would claim victory. So he retired from the field, and created a new form of life. When Dellium emerged once more, he did so with the first man, Joulan.

Joulan was an imposing figure. He was strong, and smarter than any Greenskin. And he fought in a way that none of the other lots could.

As the battle changed, as Dellium’s forces took control, Zhellium immediately recognized the power that was in Joulan. And so Zhellium went to the first man, and, as was his nature, whispered in the ear of Joulan. He spoke of how man deserved more than fellowship of orcs and ogres.

And when he was finished, man knew more than just intelligence and strength. He knew pride, and ego, and treachery. Joulan betrayed his maker, Dellium, and with the war between the brothers returning to the eternal stalemate it had been, the First Man made his own way, leading his people from one world to the next, spreading them in the way all other other gods before him had.

Those Who Dwelt Below

When the worlds formed in The Void, the very act of them taking shape pulled spirits from that chaotic, tumultous realm. Those spirits were pulled inward, and awoke to find themselves amongst the deep, dark places on those worlds.

And as The Wyrm Queen and Rellium engaged in their endless war across The Void and on the scattered worlds, Those Who Dwelt Below toiled. They built massive empires and recorded great histories.

They fought against the Greenskins and the Wyrmspawn who dared to intrude upon their ancient realms.

They did not have gods of the likes of those they fought. But they remembered those who came before them, from The Void and into these dark, strange realms. And even to this day, the dwarves, as the races of Man call them, still worship their ancestors in their unique way.

The Realms of Fae

Unknown and alien, Fae is a realm that, somehow, stands apart from The Void and the worlds that spawned from it. Fae is a strange place were the races of the gods and the Dwarfs are reluctant to travel. For those who dwell there are strange and remote, possessed of a passion that is bizarre and knowledge that does not belong.

When the ways between Fae and The Realms opened, in the dark, wild places, deep in the forests and in other forgotten places, there came a race of refugees. They called themselves Elves. As reluctant as the races of the gods and the Dwarfs were to tread in that strange realm, the Elves were even more so to speak of the harrowing ordeals they had faced.

They came upon the worlds, and upon Lorn, and retreated, away from The Ways Between, putting great distance between themselves and the place from which they had come.

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The Creation Mythos

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