Geography and Locations


Belrom; Village

Belrom is a small village situated towards the northern part of the continent.

Stoney Corners; Village

Stoney Corners is even more remote than Belrom. Its people are quiet and reserved and rumors abound that they have a secret to hide.

The Cortban Range; Mountain Range

The Cortbans are the mountains immediately north of The Red River, and loom tall over the people of Belrom.

The Twin Brothers; Geographical Feature

Two towering stone mountains near which the Skar, a barbaric tribe, have made their home.

The Fallen Pillar; Dungeon

The Cliff Side Caverns; Dungeon

The High Road; Construct

An ancient highway stretching to the far corners of the continent.

The Stoney Wastes; Geographical Feature

The great southern barrens.

The Red River; River

The river between Belrom and The Cortbans

The Cold Flow; River

The river upon which the Skar have built their ancient, tribal homes.

The Southlands

Cradle of civilization, numerous city states, tides of deceit and intruige in the dusty heart of humanity.

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Geography and Locations

Belrom; The Frozen North CoreyWildCard