The Wyrm Queen

The Dark Lords of War

The Dark Lords of War are amongst the oldest gods in The Void. They all share a common rivalry with each other and with The Wyrm Queen and her followers. They are thoroughly evil and destructive.

Rellium; Conflict, The God of War

Dellium; The Brutal, The Twin Brothers

Zhellium; The Cunning, The Twin Brothers

Joulan; The First Man

The Crusaders

The brotherhood of unyielding deities that brooks no insolence, no evil, no darkness and no indifference. These gods are a rigid, unforgiving society that makes heavy demands of those who follow them. But in return, The Crusaders provide for a stable, safe world.

The Coven

This collection of deities has magic as a common theme amongst their domains. They’re plots and goals usually revolve around gaining influence amongst mortal spell casters and power over each other. On the worlds of The Void, their followers imitate their gods, and play shadow games for power and knowledge against their fellows.

The Void; The Origin, The Destination

The Elemental Princes

The Elemental Princes are a group of deities whose power base is located amongst the inner, elemental planes. They are constantly fighting each other, and see The Void and its scattered worlds as pieces in their eternal struggle.

Firrya; The Burning Lady

Nidoal; Stonewill

Morroal; Soul of the Tides

Sannra; The Tempest Heart

Aelama; The Greatest Mother

Xyleth; He Who Traveled Furthest, The Dreamer

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