Character Creation

Character creation will follow normal Pathfinder character development.

Ability rolls; Please use the “Heroic” Method provided in the core rule book. Roll 2d6 + 6 a total of six times. Assign these rolls to your abilities as you see fit. This will allow for characters with above average ability scores.

Races; All core races are allowed. Other races will be allowed at GM approval.

Classes; All core classes are allowed. All characters should be created at Level 1. As the campaign progresses, this rule may be revised. All characters will have maximum hit points at Level 1.

Skills and Feats; Normal Pathfinder rules. For feats located outside the core book, please seek GM approval.

Equipment; One of the corner stones of Belrom; The Frozen North is resource management. From what supplies to the town has to what the players took with them north of the Cortbans, equipment, and its management, is of the utmost importance.

Assuming your character hails from the cosmopolitan south lands, starting equipment will be less of an issue. But for those characters who have origins in the north, you will need to speak with the GM in order to make sure that your equipment meets the rigorous confines of your environment.

Don’t worry. Your GM doesn’t bite.

History and Special Details; While the management of equipment might be of paramount importance, the rest of your character development is an open process which you, the player, should feel free to delve as deeply into as you please.

Does your character hail from an exotic local or culture? Do you have an amazing idea for the deity your character worships? A secret guild or organization he or she belongs to? Do you have a grand story of tragedy and revenge? Defeat and triumph? Sorrow and love?

That’s terrific! Please share it with us! Feel free to run wild, and to enrich the world of Lorn.

Useful Resources

Below is a list of resources that can be referenced for character creation. Please verify with the GM prior to using something you find at these locations.

Pathfinder Reference Document

A massive resource for Pathfinder. Tons of information here.

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Character Creation

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