Belrom; The Frozen North

The Ice Caverns
Session 2

The second session for The New Company finds the adventurers outside of The Ice Caves, a series of frozen caverns located on the far northern shore of the harbor in which Belrom sits.

Their initial foray into the caverns quickly uncovered a lair of sahuagin, the fierce shark people. After a brief parlay with the sahuagin count, the party confronted and slew the sahuagin priestess. Upon returning to the count and telling him of the demise of his rival, the count betrayed the party and attacked them, having sensed in them their weakened state.

The party also learned, prior to killing the count, that the sahuagin had been sent to the surface realm by their masters, the dark and remote kraken, hidden somewhere in the deep oceans. The krakens wanted their servants to uncover the location of The Iron Sea, as to further extend the power of those dread beings in the deep oceans. The sahuagin, however, were stymied by the The Red River, whose water was poison to them.

They then found a small cavern that had been used sometime in the past year or so as a place to construct and repair some sort of ship, and then happened upon a scrag, an aquatic troll, who the party quickly dispatched.

Their return to Belrom saw them share some of their wealth with the villagers, and it would seem that this gesture, coupled with having returned the inn’s supplies, has endeared our small band to the locals more than most adventurers care to do.

The New Company
5th Edition Start

Out of Character Notes; This was the initial run with The New Company (as of yet named band of adventurers). This initial group included Garrett (Valen, Elven Bladesinger), Jeff (Araris, Human Fighter), Old Nick (Ethias, Halfling Cleric), and New Nick (Jettara, Human Paladin). We did some brief introductions and back stories for the characters and jumped right in.

In Character; The Company booked passage from Salas, a port city on The Cape of Death in The Southlands for Belrom and The Frozen North aboard the coaster The Salty Dog. The voyage took some four weeks, and during the trip, the Company say many old ruins long since abandoned and saw the seaward side of The Battered Edge, a massive, old mountain range that deprives much of The Southlands and The Grey Wastes of water.

Drawing closer to Belrom, The Company passed an old, abandoned light house (argueably named either Waypoint or De Olde Lighthouse), but their keen eyes saw what appeared to be a signal light from one of the windows.

Arriving in Belrom, they booked a week’s stay at Rhuddy’s, the large inn and store that dominated life in the sleepy fishing village. After a night of talking with the proprietor and the locals, the adventurers turned in for the evening.

During the night, a small force of goblins slipped into town and aboard The Salty Dog, killing several crew members, the captain, and stealing half of the shipment that the ship had brought north. The adventurers awoke to the news, investigated the scene, and then followed the goblins’ trail eastward, towards The Fallen Pillar.

Beneath The Fallen Pillar, they did battle with several pockets of vermin infesting that ancient ruin, and eventually encountered the goblins who had stolen the goods from the Salty Dog. After a brief but bloody skirmish, the adventurers defeated the goblins and brought the goods back to the village.

The next morning found them sailing north, towards a series of ice caverns they had heared about prior to the goblins stealing from the boat, and tat is where we left them.

First Impressions

Isabela is introduced to the quiet, simple life of Belrom.

Belrom; The Frozen North

July 1st, 2013.

After a lengthy break and the loss of transcripts, Belrom is being rebooted. Interest from friends in making the campaign a Pathfinder RPG format has lead us in that direction.

Complete records of transcripts will be kept, in GM only format, in order to avoid loosing them again.

We are investigating cartography options, as the setting around Belrom is far flung and remote.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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