Belrom; The Frozen North

The Ol' Waypoint Lighthouse (7/2)

The trouble with adventurers...

After two weeks of down time, The Company discovered, along with the rest of the village, that several dead bodies had floated into the harbor. The men were quickly identified as members of the The Adventurers’ Guild, a band of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells from the distant Southlands. Further inspection of the bodies determined that they had all been ritually murdered and some deduction lead the party to believe that these bodies might have been from the supposedly abandoned lighthouse several days trip south from Belrom.

The trip was without incident except for a meeting with a band of hobgoblins. The party discovered that this band was moving south from the lands beyond The Cortbans, and that there was a grand army forming in that frozen, remote wilderness in the far north.

At the lighthouse, the party quickly discovered a secret trap door into the basement where they were beset by a shadowy rogue. Once the rogue was dispatched, the party entered a secret door and discovered a secret compound beneath the abandoned structure. They quickly cut down a band from The Adventurers’ Guild, and explored the compound. They discovered loot, supplies, and a ship in a hidden cove. Among the supplies were found goods and supplies that once bore the marks of The Crimson Legion.

Further inspection found the journal of a wizard named Sellers, who was allied with The Guild. He and his men had been sent to this remote outpost to find an artifact named the ‘Codex Gigas’ with hopes that it would provide some sort of information about a strangely referenced ‘Third Moon’. The nature of this moon was not immediately discernible.

Further exploration of the compound had the party locate a warlock and his followers. Combat was tight, but the cultists were all killed, and the warlock, a tiefling bearing a single horn, was taken prisoner…



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