Tomas Ult

Retired Mercenary Leader


Old and scarred, Tomas cuts an imposing figure. He is a large man, standing close to 6’4, and weighing close to 250 pounds. His hair is long and white, sparse along the top. His beard is rough, and colored similarly gray. His skin is wrinkled and leathered, and his dark, brown eyes are constantly watching those around him.


Tomas served in The Red Fist, a famed mercenary company from the city state Ull. He joined at the young age of fourteen and rose through the ranks over the following years.

He saw battle at such famed locations as The Battle of Sourmont Hill, The Ragged Delta, and Uthaneel.

Three years ago saw his fiftieth winter, and with it, a desire to leave almost forty years of battle and bloodshed behind. With a massive war chest to keep him in good steed for the rest of his years, Tomas left The Red Fist and went north.

Now he spends his days at Riely’s. Calm and quiet, he minds his own business. But despite his politeness, he is still the talk of the town, even all these years on. He doesn’t seem mind it much, though.

Tomas Ult

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