The Stins

An old family.


The Stins are one of the older families in the village, and amongst the more wealthy. Their leader, Missel Stin, is known to be stubborn and set in his ways.

The Stins owe their fortune not to fishing, as the majority of Belrom’s families make their living. But instead, they’re the boat builders in the village. At any given time, the family is working on two or three vessels. Most of the boats they build are small fishing skiffs. But there are those in the village who remember the Stins building the large, flat bottomed raiding boats for the barbaric people, the Skars, far to the north.

This family also has contacts among the leaders of the even more remote village, Stoney Corners, as it is through them that the majority of the wood for their ship building is obtained.


The Stins

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