Belrom; The Frozen North

The Ice Caverns

Session 2

The second session for The New Company finds the adventurers outside of The Ice Caves, a series of frozen caverns located on the far northern shore of the harbor in which Belrom sits.

Their initial foray into the caverns quickly uncovered a lair of sahuagin, the fierce shark people. After a brief parlay with the sahuagin count, the party confronted and slew the sahuagin priestess. Upon returning to the count and telling him of the demise of his rival, the count betrayed the party and attacked them, having sensed in them their weakened state.

The party also learned, prior to killing the count, that the sahuagin had been sent to the surface realm by their masters, the dark and remote kraken, hidden somewhere in the deep oceans. The krakens wanted their servants to uncover the location of The Iron Sea, as to further extend the power of those dread beings in the deep oceans. The sahuagin, however, were stymied by the The Red River, whose water was poison to them.

They then found a small cavern that had been used sometime in the past year or so as a place to construct and repair some sort of ship, and then happened upon a scrag, an aquatic troll, who the party quickly dispatched.

Their return to Belrom saw them share some of their wealth with the villagers, and it would seem that this gesture, coupled with having returned the inn’s supplies, has endeared our small band to the locals more than most adventurers care to do.



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