Belrom; The Frozen North

Beyond The Cortbans

Making up for two sessions, this summary will be a bit lengthy.

The party returned from The Lighthouse to Belrom fresh on their victory over the Cult and The Adventurers’ Guild. After speaking with Rhuddy, they learned that the Codex Gigas was a Skarric phrase, and the inn keeper suggested the company go speak with Aerden Haid, the local ranger.

After discussing guild politics with Aerden and learning he was the son of the former keeper’s, the party spoke at length with the ranger about traveling north of the mountains to visit the Skar.

They began their trek by heading eastward to the strange village of Stoney Corners, after stumbling into the middle of a low grade conflict between the druids who lived in the village.

The trek north from Stoney Corners, the party saw some of the wonders of Lorne, including The Temple of The Calendar, several giant cairn memorials, a strange, large silver ship, and a massive elven weigh marker pointing the way to the lost elven city of Munda.

Their arrival at the Skar village was greeted with a challenge, and Araris succeeded in defeating a wholly rhinoceros. During the victory celebration, the party was spoken to at length by Gyem Hjoler, a cleric of Theron and a Windtorne brother. The elder cleric explained the Skarric legends of his people, and told the party that if they sought the Codex Gigas, they would need to travel to the north east, along The Cold Flow and into the mountains.

On their journey, they spoke briefly with a fomorian giant and his hill giant lackeys. The exchange was brief in duration, but the party left the giants without any violence being exchanged.

In the mountains, the party discovered the ruins of Munda and its fey, unseelie guardians. After a hard won fight, the party now stands overlooking a giant canyon rift, strangely filled with jungle and wilderness, the sound of a large animal roaring in the distance as they look at a portal leading into the Feywilds, where the Codex Gigas is hidden.



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