Belrom; The Forsaken North

Belrom is a village of roughly two hundred people located far to the north of the civilized world. It is here, on the frontier, where the heroes will be able to claim their fortunes and shape the world around them.

On the brink, Belrom sits at a cross road when the heroes make their way to the remote village. Geographically isolated from the civilizations to the south, and relying on natural barriers to keep the threats from the wilderness to the north. But, ultimately, those barriers will not keep the hordes of humanoids and monsters away forever.

However, people are slow to change, and without a serious jolt, Belrom will most likely perish under the blades of its numerous enemies. Can the heroes help prevent this tragedy? Will they step forward and provide the village with the impetus it needs to adapt? Or will they watch as the village is slowly doomed by inaction?

Belrom; The Frozen North